Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Runes of Gallidon work?
Check out the Artisan Quick Reference Guide for details.
2. Will everything I submit become part of Gallidon?
Unfortunately, no. For continuity issues, some creations will not become part of the Gallidon world. Please review the Submission Guidelines for more details.
3. Sounds fun, how do I get started?
Simply register an account and submit your creation!
4. What is Gallidon?
Gallidon is: an emperor, an empire, a world, an Idea, and the website you are currently visiting.
5. What is the Runes of Gallidon world?
Runes of Gallidon is an online user-generated fantasy world where creative Artisans (writers, illustrators, designers, etc.) are invited to expand the world by developing original content such as stories, art, images, comics, role-playing modules, audio podcasts, flash games, or any other medium that strikes their fancy.
6. How did Runes of Gallidon come about?
One of our earliest conversations went something like this… “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website with new content every day from lots of different people that all happened in the same original fantasy world — and where people could share each other’s characters and places without being sued? Some place we could visit for a few minutes or a few hours each day.” We couldn’t find one, so we (perhaps foolishly) decided to create one.
7. What does, “You own your Work” mean?
It means you still own your Work, even after we post it on the Runes of Gallidon website! You grant to us a license to post your Work, but we do not own your Work. By contributing to the world of Runes of Gallidon, you are sharing your Ideas with the Gallidon creative community, but your Work remains yours to sell, license, distribute, and share as you like.
8. How does the sharing part work…?
If your Work is accepted and published on the Runes of Gallidon website, it will be available for others to use as part of their new Works. Likewise, you are free to take the best parts of others’ Works and combine them with your own imagination and make something new.
You might want to create a new Work (a story, drawing, module, etc.) about someone else’s character, or you might want to set your new Work in someone else’s town or city. Then again, your character’s special sword might be featured in someone else’s Work. You do not have to use other people’s content in your Works, but we think having the option is a great way to start building an integrated, living world.
9. But, wait! You mean other people can write about my characters without my permission?!?!?
Yes. In order to encourage creative and collaborative Works, we decided to use a Creative Commons license in order to allow anyone to “share, remix, and reuse” each other’s Ideas. This means someone else can write a story using some of your original Ideas (e.g., characters, cities, swords, creatures, etc.), but you will always be credited as the creator of that Idea.
10. So, what’s the difference between a “Work” and an “Idea?”
Glad you asked, it’s an important difference! We define a “Work” as a complete artistic endeavor or project (e.g., novel, short story, illustration, painting, software program, comic, etc.). Works contain Ideas. We define an “Idea” as an element within a Work (e.g., characters, items, places, etc.).
11. Okay, and how does the attribution work?
If someone else uses your Ideas in their Work, they must give you credit for being the creator of that Idea. The most common example of this is listing the name of the Work and its creator for any Idea used in a new or different Work.
12. What happens to my Work after I submit it?
After submitting a Work at Runes of Gallidon, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that it was received. If we accept your Work, we will contact you by email and ask if you would like to have your Work posted on the Runes of Gallidon site. If you do, you will be asked to agree to the terms of the Artisan’s Agreement, a legal document that allows you (the Artisan) and Brain Candy, LLC, to format, post, sell, and market your Work. It also allows both of us to publish the Work under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license and to commercially profit from the sale or license of your Work.
13. If you accept my Work, will you edit/change it before posting it on the website?
The short answer is we will perform formatting changes (“copy edits”) but not content changes (“content edits”). For example, we will check spelling and punctuation, alter font style/size and pagination, etc. on text-based Works and subsequently save them as .pdf files before posting them. We will format images to a common thumbnail size for previews.
We will NOT make changes such as altering plot/story structures, adding/removing characters, or digitally altering images in ways that change the content (e.g., “touch up” or retouch). Since we are not going to be able to make these changes, it is up to each Artisan to submit their best effort to increase their chance of acceptance.
14. I can’t find details about the world – what are the weather patterns, weights/measure systems, modes of transportation, weapon and clothing styles, etc. (where is the equator)?
Our goal was not to fully develop and detail the world of Gallidon by ourselves. To give you a large degree of flexibility, we painted a broad landscape. We hope you will help fill in the details of the world with each new Work (just south of the bottom of the continent).
15. What is “Alternate History?”
Works that do not fit within the world of Runes of Gallidon (they conflict with established continuity, kill off major/popular characters, etc.) but are too good to ignore or pass up. These types of Works will fall into a category called, “Alternate History.” This category is for Works that we want to share but which contain elements that do not or cannot integrate with the current ongoing stories of the world of Gallidon.